PixiJS Consultancy by Goodboy

Whether it's product optimisation, multiplatform advice or collaborative project scoping, PixiJS creator and Goodboy Technical Partner Mat Groves and the Goodboy Team are on hand to help you out.

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Our Services

As the creators of PixiJS, Goodboy have the unique position of being both it's technical and creative authors. Whatever your project or requirement, we can help you make it happen.
  • Responsive Build
    Responsive Build

    Because we make PixiJS, we are experts in making incredible content with it. From award winning games to incredible brand engagement, we know PixiJS like no-one else.

  • Multiplatform Advice
    Multiplatform Advice

    Need help getting your project running great on all devices? Memory management, resolution handling, responsive design and input methods - we can help with the lot.

  • Planning & Scoping
    Planning & Scoping

    Assistance with creating a technical spec using PixiJS as your core rendering solution as well as helping you understand what the considerations and possibilities may be.

  • Maintenance

    Helping with growing projects as they become more complex as well as offering advice on how other technologies can be augmented or remade with PixiJS

  • Optimisation

    Our insight into how PixiJS works right down to the metal means that there is no better source available to investigate how to make your project perform at its very best.

  • Native Apps
    Native Apps

    Using solutions such as Cordova or CocoonJS it is quick and simple to prepare your PixiJS project for deployment as an installed application across iOS and Android.

What Our Clients Say
As a social robotics company building our product on mobile technology, character and performance are key to our success. We chose PixiJS as our rendering engine for its ease of use and its speed on constrained systems and we hired Goodboy to build advanced effects for the robot’s eye. Goodboy built a sandbox for us to test, tune, and iterate. They delivered a library that was easy to integrate and enhanced the character of the ‘bot.
Jonathan Ross, SDK Team Lead

Jibo Inc, USA

At PBS our mission is to deliver world class educational media to the widest possible audience. The ability of the Goodboy team with PixiJS in hand to stretch the limits of creativity and performance in the PBS KIDS Games App and on pbskids.org has helped us fulfil that mission and delight millions of children.
Scott Cummings, Director of Products


UX is becoming a deciding factor in our industry. Using PixiJS we were able to successfully deliver the challenging new user interface designs for our VOD offering from early proof of concept all the way to production. Mat coached our team and helped us implement the smooth physics based animations.
Anne Bakker, Director of Web Development

Liberty Global, Netherlands

Goodboy Production & Creative Services

Goodboy Digital are a creative technology agency. We offer a full digital service and can work in isolation, or integrated with your creative or technical team. From games to marketing campaigns, our award winning portfolio is a testament to the power of PixiJS.
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Goodboy can offer a flexible consultancy service, whether it be visiting your workplace or working remotely. Email to hello@goodboydigital.com or get in touch via the form below to discuss your requirements, timings and budgets.